Sauli Hirsimaki

Sauli Hirsimaki
Co-Owner, Designer, GIA Diamonds Graduate

Since 2003
Designer, Sales
GIA Diamonds Graduate

What do you enjoy about your work at Buchkosky's?
Designing a brand new jewel for someone when it has very personal meaning. I love when the expression of love between people, be it parent/child, or between a couple or siblings, is embodied in a design motif, a gemstone choice, or re-purposing a cherished item from the past. 

What is your favorite memory during your time at Buchkosky's?
Some of my early custom designs that I had to work hard to get done brought me a lot of satisfaction. This was in the days before we designed in-house with CAD software. One favorite was matching his and her rings that had Celtic knot in high relief laid into the sides of the rings. I get to enjoy seeing the rings when the customer comes in for cleaning and checking.

Another favorite piece was a ring that developed from a conversation with the customer about portrait diamonds. He had come into our store asking about a rose cut ,diamond, engagement ring. The conversation turned to the practice of setting a table cut diamond over the top of a miniature portrait or engraving. The practice was particularly popularized in Russia in the 1800's. He was going to propose to a Russian lady, and immediately fell in love with the idea. We found him a wonderful rose-cut diamond and had it set into a very unique, custom-designed ring that showed hand engraved initials through the diamond. 

What is your favorite gemstone?
In general I love Koroit opal. Some of the specimens have a landscape or seascape look which is amazing.

One of diamond vendors showed us a pair of natural fancy color diamonds - one light pink, the other a light blue. They were stunning in that they matched perfectly for cut and size. They would make a perfect toi et moi ring. 

What is your favorite item that you have seen at Buchkosky's?
There are so many. My latest favorite is a three diamond ring that was recently picked up. Aside from having a center that was over a carat and half, the proportional sizes were exactly what I think makes a perfect three diamond ring: 1:3:1 not the typical 1:2:1. Needless to say I like the custom designed setting I made for it too!

Football, Baseball, Basketball or Hockey?
Huh? Rugby.

What is your favorite thing to do to unwind?

I love getting outdoors during the spring, summer and fall. For the last few years I have enjoyed bird watching.

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