Paul Buchkosky

Paul Buchkosky
Owner, Appraiser (CGA, GG)

Since 1972
Owner, Appraiser
Certifed Gemologist Appraiser, Graduate Gemologist

What do you enjoy about your work at Buchkosky's?
Satisfying what my customer needs no matter how difficult it may be. Being part of the joy of every special occasion

What is your favorite memory during your time at Buchkosky's?
Building our location at Rosedale and the special opportunity it gave the business to grow into what we have today. Also the loyal customer following we have built since moving to Rosedale in 1979.

What is your favorite gemstone?
I love all types of opalbecause they display the colors that other gemstones display, but all in one gemstone.

What is your favorite item that you have seen at Buchkosky's?
A two-sided opal pendant that displayed the front and back of the same opal. The piece also had a swivel bail that presented two different sides. The piece thus had four different looks!

Football, Baseball, Basketball or Hockey?
Football, basketball as well as golf.

What is your favorite thing to do to unwind?
I love reading books on philosophy and history.

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