Philip Stein Teslar Technology Watches

Philip SteinI personally do hundreds of battery changes a year. In the store I am the guy that the other staff leave watches to - well Mike gets given his fair share to if we are totally honest. The weirder the watch I am in to it. I love the challenge of odd watches.

Philip Stein watches puzzle me though, not because they are difficult or tricky, in fact in the way of battery changes they are pretty standard, some have two cells but that is nothing unusual either. What is odd, is the claim the company makes about their watches.

Teslar Technology

Philip Stein purports to have developed a technology that:

...acts like an antenna – finely tuned to pick up and channel the beneficial natural frequencies that surround us, toward our bodies. In doing so, it helps tune us back to a state where we can perform and live at our best.

Philip Stein Teslar ChipsSo what exactly is this technology? Well the first time many years ago when I opened one of these watches up I was excited to see some gadget our super computer, but when I saw that it was what appeared to be a small square of copper metal glued to the back of the watch back I was quite confused. How could copper be called a technology in and of itself? No matter from what angle I looked at it, is was simply a piece of copper.

What am I missing here? What is the 'fine-tuning' of which they speak? I am fascinated to hear from anybody that knows the inside scoop as to whether there really is 'technology' in this copper or whether this is just a brilliant marketing scam.

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