Custom 50 Ore Coin Cuff Links

A while back I had the pleasure of working with a customer on the creation of a truly unique and meaningful wedding gift for her husband-to-be. Her finance was Norwegian and had a number of Norwegian 50 øre coins that he had stowed away. Being an expat myself (I am Australian) I was intrigued. See all us expatriates have a stash of coins from the home country somewhere tucked away. Every now and then when we tidy up at home, we will stumble across one, and then we’ll sit and just look at it for the next 20 minutes. So her request immediately became intriguing and I knew I would have to go find my coin stash at home.

Custom Cuff Links OriginalThe idea was very simple, “Turn these two coins into cuff links so that I can give them to him as a wedding gift.” The idea was brilliant. It was simple, it wasn’t going to cost much, but the idea was loaded with personal meaning and thought and was going to look fantastic to boot.

Typical cuff links are made up of two parts conceptually: the design element, and the link post. The 50 øre coins equalled the design, and the link post was a part that we ordered in from one of our suppliers. The assembly was a matter of laser welding the two elements together.

I did order two more link posts and made up my own Australian two cent coin cuff links. I have been wearing them probably once a week and so if you see them some time in the store take a closer look. Also if you are interested in a pair of coin cuff links (or any other custom cuff link for that matter) I would love to make them up for you!

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